The Direct Allowance Program – Service Employment Paycheque is a home care financial assistance program provided by the Quebec government and managed through your local Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISSS/ CLSC)

The program is designed for people who need part of their home care services to be supplemented financially.

The CLSC determines the number of home care hours required and allocates them based on individual needs. These needs are usually common activities such as; bathing, eating, dressing, cleaning, partial care, etc.

The support given by the CLSC is limited to the determination of hours granted (re-evaluated as needs change) and the payment of the home care aides.

It is up to the applicant to take all the necessary steps to recruit one or more qualified home care aides, register them with the CLSC, plan home visits and record the number of hours that they have completed each week.

You become the employer of the home care aide with all the legal responsibilities incumbent upon you. The CLSC will then pay the salary (at the hourly rate determined) to employees.

You are responsible for all of the administrative aspects of the program including:

- Recruitment and Retention

  • Background checks
  • Validation of the training received (CPR, PDSB, professional diploma)
  • Scheduling visits
  • Contingency plans in case of absences/gaps

SE Health offers home care services and virtual support to the residents of Montreal and the area surrounding the island. Our professional and highly trained staff are here to help. SE Health is a home care organization that has been providing support at home since 1908. With our 110+ years of expertise in the field, we can alleviate the stresses of using this program and help you fully utilize your hours, ensuring you or your loved one are getting the care they need.

SE Health accepts the Direct Allowance Program–Service Employment Paycheque, and only charges for the administrative management of the case. Here are some benefits of choosing SE Health when using the program:

  • SE Health guarantees a home care aide for each visit. This means that even if the registered caregiver is not available, SE Health will provide a replacement at no cost to the client or the CLSC.
    • For those kinds of last-minute replacements, SE Health will pay the caregiver – the hours do not need to be registered in the volet social form.
  • SE Health can provide you with compassionate, knowledgeable and skilled care experts! We ensure that the care aides have all the necessary training and verification to ensure your safety and peace of mind.
  • We are dedicated to matching our staff to your individual needs and personality.
  • One of SE Health’s case managers will visit you at home to conduct a free assessment of your needs and work with you to create a personal care plan, that fits in the allocated hours granted by your CLSC.
  • SE Health’s dedicated team of Care Coordinators will work with you and your family to ensure the schedule fits your needs, assist in the registration of the employees and provide a weekly summary of the visits to make administration of the program a breeze.

Call today to ask about how SE Health can work with you to get the most out of your Direct Allowance Program–Service Employment Paycheque program.

Revenu Quebec lists all of the tax information for seniors here.

However, there are four notable tax credit programs for seniors in Quebec. They are the Home Support Services tax credit, the Refundable Independent Living tax credit, the Refundable Tax Credit for Senior’s Activities and the tax credit for Respite of Caregivers. Learn more below.

The Home Support Services tax credit is available for seniors ages 70 years or older who require financial assistance in funding home support services. You can learn more on the Revenu Quebec website and download the information booklet here.

The Refundable Independent Living tax credit is available for seniors ages 70 years or older who have paid for equipment or fixtures to support their independent living. Find out more on the Revenu Quebec website.

The Refundable Tax Credit for Senior’s Activities is available for seniors ages 70 years or older who have paid for activities or memberships to eligible organizations. Find out more on the Revenu Quebec website.

The government of Quebec offers a refundable tax credit for caregivers who pay for respite care. Find out more on the government of Quebec website.

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